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Elan II

The Elan digital door lock combines many advanced features into one lock. It is a versatile and convenient solution for any home or business. It is both secure and easy to use. It allows for master security functions where certain users have greater privileges in being able to turn on or turn off other passwords.

Additionally, this lock benefits from the advanced function of confusing onlooking guests through being able to enter in numbers that are not within one's password's sequence in addition to one's actual password numeric sequence. For this reason, it is the perfect lock for those who wish to welcome guests without disclosing one's password.

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Elan II Product Features

Two-way lock /unlock system

Digital key and Secret Code 2 way key solution system. Providing convenience for children or elderly people.

Random Security coding function

To reinforce secret code's security, it has random security code function_

When you enter your home with trespassers, you are mind of showing secret code no to them_

In this case, you press any number digit randomly without limitation, then at finally your entered

registered secret code, the door is open immediately

One Touch Mute Function

You can open the door quietly without interrupting neighbours muting operating sound temporarily

Sound Control by 8 levels

 It Sound volume can be controlled at 8 different levels up to your option_

Movement Indicated by Various Lamp Colors

It is designed to indicate movement by various lamp color at 8 level_

Auto lock /Auto Re-Lock Function

When the Door closing, you don't have to lock the door at yourself, it will be locked automatically

This function prevents you from the mistakenly forgetting to lock the door.

The door can re-lock itself in 10 seconds after you enter secret code/digital key and the door has been closed.

Double Lock System / Intrusion Warning Function

 When you set double lock position (red colour), the door lock cannot be opened from out

 side by whatever solutions even enter a registered secret code or registered digital key are used.

 When trespassers try to open the front door by forcing it from our side or removing the deadbolt.

Intruder Warning Digidoor Alarm

 The crime prevention sensor to be activated automatically with a strong warning alarm sound for your safety and comfort.

 Low Battery Warning System

The red lamp flicker with alarm that indicating the battery is level is low status and to replace with new batteries.

Master secret code function

The master secret code can control general secret codes, it can stop activating "Lock /Open, button preventing trespassers from the opening door by illegal method intentionally. This is a very useful function when you go out and wish to make sure nobody with a code has access.


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