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Milre MI-430

If you have ever been locked out you will really appreciate how much simpler life is with Milre MI-430. At digidoor we don't believe that people should need to carry around a bunch of keys, that is why we bring you the best, most secure digital door locks. The Milre 430 has two unlocking functions bring more convenience to your daily life:
Firstly you can unlock with the touchpad using your chosen pincode, and second using your secure digital key.


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The Milre 430 is convenient and secure combining years of research and development into it's advanced design. It has won prizes internationally and meets the highest standards in digital locking technology.

Product Features:

Key order changing function:

First touchpad ever to change the number key order to increase security by making it impossible to guess sequence.

Silent function for neighbours when pressing keys:

Operation in total silence for the keypress so as not to disturb neighbours.

Intrusion Warning - Digidoor

Warning of intrusion if the door is forced from outside or if an intruder tries to remove the deadlock. The intruder prevention sensor gives a loud warning sound for your safety and comfort.

 Mischief hacking prevention system.

Blocks for a certain period of time after 5 incorrect attempts at trying to guess a users pin code.

 Volume level control function.

The volume level can be controlled from silence up to level 8.

 Automatic / Manual locking function:

If the door is closed you do not need to lock it manually.  It will be locked automatically.

 Battery indicator

Amount of residual energy left in the battery is indicated by 8 levels.  As batteries are about to run out an alarm will sound along with led lamp indicating that replacement is needed.

 8 different secret codes can be registered and up to 20 digital keys.


 Lock/Unlock - button suspension function on 

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Milre MI-430