Reason 1: Stupid latching locks - My first reason that I find people locked out is that they installed a latching lock and they never realised how stupid these locks really are. Latch that locks so many uk people out Latching locks do just that as soon as the door closes they latch and at that point, if you don't have your key on the outside you are pretty much done for.  I am sure that most locksmiths are installing these locks in the UK because they are so happy every time this happens as it means that they get called out and can charge more than £60 to open the person's door.  Not only is this stressful to the person but also very costly as it can happen more than once.  In addition, many people from outside Europe don't use these kinds of locks so when they stay in the UK inevitably they will succumb to being locked out at least once.

Solutions -  There are several solutions to this problem, and I definitely don't recommend trying the last one.

Probably the easiest and best solution is to install a digital door lock on the door or ask your landlord/lady to do this as this will mean that instead of people needing to use keys they can enter a pin code or swipe their finger on a fingerprint recognition panel and you are in.  But what if you are the kind of person who can't remember four digits, well you could email yourself your pin code just in case until you get used to it.  This is also great as you can give out pin codes for different family members without paying expensive lock cutting fees or temporary pins for different workmen or contractors who may need access while you are out but don't need permanent access.  The digital solution is also helpful to those who wish to rent out their homes as it means that you are in charge of giving out pins codes as well as deleting them.  When someone finishes their contract simply delete their code rather than writing several emails asking for missing keys.  When a new tenant needs to move in, issue them a new password pin code.  No more calls at odd hours asking whether you have a spare that renters can pick up because they got locked out especially when you are away or on holiday.  Not only are landlords/ladies happier but also renters feel much more comfortable and thus may rent for longer.

The next solution is not one that I recommend.  In this solution, one makes a copy of the key and gives it to someone you really REALY trust like a family member or closest friend(I am not responsible if you get robbed by someone you thought you could trust).  The problem is that most people go to work, go on holidays, and are not always at home so this is not the best solution but it may at times save you a $60 call out fee.

The next solution is really the worst one as it is dangerous and insecure (please don't do it).  I do not recommend this method and only write about it as some people do use it (but it is really risky).  In this method first, a copy of the key is cut and hidden in a place that only you know (not under the mat) then when locked out you would secretly get the key and let yourself in.  Please don't do this as thieves can easily find keys and make copies even easier and let themselves into your house at a time that is most suitable to them.

Reason 2: Change of clothing - My second reason why so many people are locked out is that weather changes and people change clothes.  Many people keep their keys in their warm winter coat pockets which they wear often enough for them not to need to find the key every time that they leave their home.  Pocket with key left in it.When the weather changes like it does here in Scotland people don't wear the clothing that they normally wear and when in a rush with other things on their mind they leave home closing the door without their key.  If it is a latch lock they are automatically locked out of their own home before they realise what has happenned.  If not then a family member locks them out expecting that they have their key as normal. Of cousre this is a great frustration as it could be averted if locks didn't latch automatically or if a digital door lock were installed as mentioned above.

Reason 3: Gusty wind and latching locks.  The UK is an island and for the most part quite a windy island.  I have heard people say that Edinburgh for example is the windiest city in Europe.  I am not sure if this is true, however from experience I have been locked out more than once with strong winds suddenly slamming doors with latches on shut. It only takes a second you leave the door open because you are getting some washing off the line outside and will be carring a heavy basket, then slam the door latched shut.  For me on all ocations this has happend when other family members have been within the house so not too bad, but how about if a parent of a young baby were on the outside.

Wind making silly latching door shut

This could potentially be very dangerous and distressing so I am still confused as to why people still install these latching locks on homes that they own.  In addition lock manufatures seem irisponible to produce locks that latch without a key locking them unless they are digital and can be opened with a pin code.

Reason 4: Keys that break off in the lock.  Reasently this happened to someone I know.   The key he had was one that was badly cut so it was not working in the door that he needed to open.  Because of this he used a little too much force on it and it broke off in the lock.  The solution to this is to of corse get keys that are badly cut recut.  Although many people will not recut keys because they live busy lives and are not always living close to the locksmith that cut the bad key in the first place to ask for it to be recut.

Reason 5: Our pockets are not meant to hold keys and a load of junk.  Sometimes we trust our pockets too much, especially our pockets that dont zip up.  We put all kinds of things in them and many times these things fall out when we are looking for other things, playing with our kids in the park, sitting on the bus.  We probable dont notice how many things are lost simply from things slipping out.  The number of times I have seen keys abandond on pavements is quite a few.  For this reason I find it gives a lot of peace of mind to simply do away with keys altogether and use pin codes and fingue print recognition altogether.